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God's Movement Among College-Aged Young Adults in Central Kentucky

CKNB Collegiate Ministries Specialist


A profound spiritual awakening is sweeping through the hearts and minds of college-aged young adults right here in the central Kentucky area. We are all aware of the recent Asbury Revival. The spirit is moving on colleges and universities all across the country. This transformational movement is evident at the Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM) at the University of Kentucky and in many local churches, where students are not only seeking Christ but are also yearning to make a lasting impact on the world. As Daniel Johnson, the UK BCM Campus Minister, succinctly puts it, "The Baptist Campus Ministry at the University of Kentucky has grown over the past two years, both numerically and spiritually. Student leadership and staff have doubled in size. Students are wanting to know Christ and make Him known. They want to make a lasting impact and leave a legacy that matters. More and more students are desiring deeper involvement in the life of the BCM and local churches and not simply coming as observers."

This spiritual revival is not confined to the campus alone. Local churches, exemplified by Center Point Church in Lexington, are experiencing a surge in young adults who are not just seeking functional answers but are genuinely hungry for real Truth. Nick Parsons, College and Young Professionals Minister at Center Point Church, "I am in awe of what God is doing. Hundreds of students have walked through our doors at Center Point and have heard the gospel! They are growing, serving, and they are hungry. I think God is doing something special, and they are looking for what is true."

This quest for deeper meaning and spiritual fulfillment is the driving force behind this movement, resonating with Collegiate Ministers like Joshua Copley, Pastoral Assistant at Safe Harbor Baptist in Georgetown. Joshua notes the desire for "more" that propels this next generation. He acknowledges that while many students are responding to this yearning, some remain distant from the idea of a personal faith in Christ. For these individuals, a gap exists between believers and those who have not yet considered faith as a meaningful answer to life's questions. Joshua, however, highlights the importance of the church’s readiness to bridge this divide. “There will come a time when the world can no longer satisfy this profound longing for meaning. At that critical moment, the church must be prepared to meet them with the life-transforming message of the gospel.”

The current spiritual resurgence serves as a poignant reminder of the role of prayer in supporting and sustaining this movement. Joshua calls upon believers to fervently pray for God's work on the Georgetown College campus, for the gospel to be shared, and for students to be saved and involved in local churches. Indeed, prayer is the foundation upon which this spiritual revival stands, guiding the church's efforts and aligning them with God's divine purpose.

Pray for Baptist Collegiate Ministry development on or near the campuses of Asbury, Georgetown, Centre, Transylvania, Midway, and Bluegrass Community.

Josh Cromwell, college senior who is involved in the Immanuel Baptist student ministry and also a leader at the Transylvania University BCM: “we’ve seen more and more students coming with a heart and desire for intimate relationship with Christ. This is showing up in personal evangelism and discipleship, small groups, missions service, and on Sunday mornings. They are becoming aware of where they fit in the bigger picture of God’s work in the world. They are looking for a place to belong and to be in a community with a deeper core. They are seeing that their lives need more than just the basics of going to school, getting a job, and chasing temporary goals. They are finding greater joy and significance as they learn and serve with Christ’s people.”

The unfolding movement of God among college-aged young adults in the Lexington region is a testament to the enduring power of faith and the transformative impact it can have on the lives of young believers. The Baptist Campus Ministry at the University of Kentucky and fledgling BCMs at other local schools, together with local churches like Center Point Church, Porter Memorial, Ashland Avenue, Immanuel Baptist, Safe Harbor Baptist, and others are leading the charge in helping students in this spiritual awakening.

Local churches must remain vigilant and prepared to guide these young adults toward a profound relationship with Christ. With prayer as their cornerstone, believers can confidently embrace and be challenged by this movement among college-aged young adults.

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