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Spreading Joy: A Recap of the Central Kentucky Toy Project 2023

by Pam Polkey CKNB Compassion Ministries Director


For years, the Central Kentucky Toy Project has stood as one of the most widespread and endearing compassion ministries of the CKNB. And, the 2023 edition served only to drive that point home even more. Way before the holiday season ever approached, the spirit of generosity and goodwill was evident as churches collected and stocked up on toys clothes, bikes, and all sorts of gifts, which culminated in the heartwarming success of the Toy Project 2023. This initiative, driven by compassion and a desire to make Christmas special for children in need, touched the lives of 800 youngsters. In this article, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who played a role in this beautiful endeavor.

A Generous Flow of Blessings...

The Toy Project 2023 was nothing short of a blessing, bringing joy and smiles to the faces of 800 children. It was a testament to the power of community, compassion, and the spirit of giving. From the bottom of our hearts, we express gratitude to God for the abundance of toys, the dedication of churches, and the selflessness of countless volunteers.

A Collective Effort...

The success of the Toy Project 2023 was made possible by the collaborative efforts of numerous churches and an army of volunteers. These unsung heroes worked tirelessly to ensure that the magic of Christmas reached every child. Volunteers played multifaceted roles, from providing and sorting toys to delivering them to families. Beyond the gifts, they shared the gospel, built lasting relationships, and are now extending their connections throughout the year by inviting families to church and other ministries.

Eight Points of Light...

The Toy Project 2023 expanded its reach across eight locations, each hosting a unique celebration that fit the DNA of their church and local community. Irishtown, Grace Baptist, Versailles Baptist, Penn Memorial Baptist in Stamping Ground, Edgewood Baptist, Central Baptist in Paris, Shiloh Baptist, and Georgetown Baptist shined lilke beacons of hope and joy for children in their respective communities. The tireless work of coordinators such as Kathy Rutherford, Donna Vanderpool, Joanne Meaders, Paula Brock, Ashley Swearengin, Meagan Moore, Vida Brown, and Pastor Steve Smith and the many volunteers made this year's Toy Project what it was. Their spirit of Christlike love and generosity expressed at each location is what this ministry is all about.

Hot Items of the Year...

Every year, the Toy Project seems to offer a wide range of toys, clothes and other gifts for children of all age groups. This year's "Hot items" included Coco Melon dolls and toys, LOL dolls, Barbie dolls, art kits, bracelet making kits, lip gloss, sequin purses, basketballs, soccer balls, and cozy hoodies. These carefully selected gifts reflected the team's commitment to bringing delight and happiness to every child, making their Christmas a memorable one.

The Toy Project 2023 stands as a shining example of the incredible impact that a community can have when united by a common purpose. As we reflect on the success of this initiative, let it inspire us to carry the spirit of giving and compassion throughout the year. May the joy generated by the Toy Project continue to resonate in the hearts of the children and serve as a beacon of hope for years to come. We at the CKNB and each Toy Project team leader would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated, served, and prayed during the Toy Project Season. It's time to get to work on 2024!

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