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Special Assessment Task Force

Engaging with Central Kentucky Baptist Churches to determine needs and plan for the future of associational life in Central Kentucky.

Assessing Today For A Better Tomorrow

At the Central Kentucky Network of Baptists, we believe that the work of the church doesn't stop at the sanctuary doors. Our churches are an important force for good in our communities, and we are constantly working to help them grow, thrive, and make a positive impact on the world around them. The Task Force appointed in October 2023 will play a key role in helping us assess the needs of our churches and develop a shared vision for the future of our work as an association.

Assessment Through Listening

One important phase of our team's assessment is to conduct four listening sessions in the winter of 2024. These sessions will take place in a Town Hall setting, and will give the Task Force a forum to further explain its goal and hear from Central Kentucky Baptists, whether they be a casual church attender, a member, ministry leader, staff or pastor. These sessions are scheduled at an array of times and locations to accommodate as much participation as possible.

Network Efficacy Assessment Survey

The most vital phase of our assessment process is to gain as many responses to our Network Efficacy Assessment Survey. This 13 question survey will assist our Task Force in garnering as much insight into the needs of our churches, their leaders and their members. This insight will be instrumental in helping to cast a vision for the future of our Network and Baptist life in Central Kentucky for years to come.

Assessment Survey will close Friday, Feb. 16, 2024

Task Force

In order for this Task Force to be as effective as it can, we need each church to do it's part. Please take a moment to grab some of the resources you can use to help your church maximize its involvement with our assessment phase.

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