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Irishtown Ministry Center

Irishtown ministries reaches out each week to minister in an underprivileged part of Lexington.  Irishtown's location makes it an extremely strategic place for many of our Network's Compassion Ministries to focus their efforts.  Along with being a hub for compassion ministry, Irishtown conducts a community worship service each week as well as provides a home for several International Church Congregations...

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Community Outreach...

Irishtown Baptist Ministry Center is located in the Town Branch Distillery District of Lexington on Perry Avenue.  While pockets of the Irishtown area is currently undergoing gentrification, a great need for community support and ministry to the underprivileged still exists. For years, Irishtown has served as a light in the community by being a hub for worship and resourcing, developing deep relationships with the people of Irishtown, all for the sake of bringing people close to Jesus.

Along with almost daily activities and support interactions, a weekly worship service is held at Irishtown where churches within the CKNB send ministry teams to facilitate worship music, special music, preaching and teaching.  Churches within the CKNB are encouraged to participate in this very important ministry.  For information about how your church could get involved, contact Pam Polkey, Irishtown Ministry Director.

International Partnerships...

The Irishtown area is one of the more ethnically diverse pockets of Lexington.  Several cultures and ethnicities meld together in this area, which provides an opportunity for CKNB to assist international congregations seeking to plant new churches in the area.  Currently, Irishtown Ministry Center partners with three international congregations (One Congolese, and Two Nepali), who use the Irishtown facility for worship services and community outreach.  These congregations also engage in participation with other CKNB outlets.


To find out more how you can serve through Irishtown Baptist Ministry Center, please reach out!

245 Perry Street
Lexington, KY 40508

(859) 254-7747

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