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CKNB's Irishtown Ministry Center Featured in KBC's Eliza Broadus Offering Campaign.

Kentucky Baptists know the name Eliza Broadus very well. Each year, the Kentucky chapter of the Women's Missionary Union holds the Eliza Broadus State Missions Offering to help fund in-state missionary efforts in the Commonwealth.

In Central Kentucky, local missions are alive and well through the Irishtown Baptist Ministry Center. For years, Irishtown has stood as a mission in Lexington, housing compassion ministries, church plants, and international congregations.

Recently, the ministry of Irishtown was highlighted in a special Eliza Broadus Offering Campaign video as a glowing example of what can be done when Kentucky Baptists work together and give toward missions.

Take a look at the video here to learn more about the offering and the ministries of Irishtown.

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