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Irishtown Ministry Center Gets Fresh Update, But Still Shares The Same Gospel

On November 20, 2022, nearly 100 people from 24 CKNB churches and ministries gathered at the newly renovated Irishtown Baptist Ministry Center on Perry Street to rededicate a facility that has stood for over a century in Lexington. For decades, Irishtown Baptist Ministry Center has shined as a lighthouse of hope just a few blocks away from the hustle and bustle of Rupp Arena and the Lexington Downtown area.

Irishtown Ministry Center is a collective effort of the CKNB partner churches and serves as the home base for all Compassion Ministries within the Network. Currently, there are 10 ministries functioning at the IBMC, including multiple International Congregations who hold their worship services in this space.

Irishtown Ministry Director, Pam Polkey, shared her excitement at yesterday's dedication service by declaring that the future of IBMC is bright with this new facility and that she looks forward to the enhanced Kingdom Work which will take place for years to come.

Several leaders within the Central Kentucky Network of Baptists shared their congratulations and excitement at the service as well. CKNB Executive Director, David Stokes, declared that this project is a glowing testament to what can happen when churches work together for the glory of Christ and the furthering of the Gospel. Terry Murphy, pastor at North View Baptist in Lexington noted how he has become so much more enlightened to the work of Irishtown since his church opened its doors to the International congregations during Irishtown's construction process. Pastor DjoDjo, of the Assemly of Saints, a Congolese congregation who will return to holding services this week at Irishtown, reminded everyone in attendance, that it is the Gospel which truly unites us all and calls us all to a common faith and purpose in Christ. Project coordinator and Pastor at Crosswoods Baptist, Steve Bruce, challenged everyone in attendance to always keep a Kingdom Focus on ministry. He said we often are tempted to see ministry only through the lens of what takes place at our own individual churches, but that so much more can be accomplished when we broaden our view and work together. He said that this Irishtown project is living proof that we are truly better together.

The celebration ended with all in attendance breaking out in to groups to pray over each aspect of ministry which takes place at Irishtown. We join in that prayer to thank God for His blessings and to look forward in faith to a bright Gospel light burning for many more years in Downtown Lexington.

If you or your church would like to get involved in the collective ministries which take through Irishtown, you can learn more here.

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