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UK BCM Hosts Recent EQUIP Leadership Lunch; Highlights Need For More Gospel Impact On Campus & Partnership With Churches

by Derek Holmes, CKNB Communications Specialist

UK BCM Director, Daniel Johnson, addresses Pastors & Church Leaders on the role and vision of BCM.
"With all of the campus ministries at UK, there is still not enough gospel impact happening on campus. We need more help. And, churches are the key to filling that need," Daniel Johnson UK BCM Director

-- [Lexington] -- The University of Kentucky Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM) recently hosted the Central Kentucky Network of Baptists (CKNB) monthly EQUIP Leadership Lunch, providing a day of fellowship and engagement among pastors, church leaders, and collegiate ministry advocates. Held on Tuesday, May 7th, just after the final days of the spring semester, the event provided a platform for attendees to connect, share insights, and explore opportunities for enhancing collegiate ministry impact in Central Kentucky.

Following a catered lunch courtesy of Fazoli's, Daniel Johnson, Director of UK's BCM, extended a warm welcome to attendees, initiating a dialogue that highlighted the pivotal role of collegiate ministry in campus life and the spiritual journey of college students.

Johnson emphasized the pressing need for increased gospel impact on campus, underscoring the indispensable role of local churches in fulfilling this mission. "With all of the campus ministries at UK, there is still not enough gospel impact happening on campus. We need more help. And, churches are the key to filling that need," remarked Johnson, articulating a call to action for church leaders to actively engage with collegiate ministries.

Further communicating the significance of collegiate ministry, Johnson disclosed alarming statistics, citing a 70% dropout rate of churched students between youth and college ministries. In response, the BCM endeavors to cultivate a vibrant community grounded in Christ's hope, prioritizing service and discipleship as foundational aspects of Christian life. "We see ourselves as an organization that expresses the hope we have in Christ first before we tell them about anything else," explained Johnson, summarizing the BCM's mission.

Cameron Mitchell, a former student and current BCM staff member, shared his personal testimony, highlighting the transformative impact of discipleship and ministry engagement at BCM. Reflecting on his journey, Mitchell underscored the BCM's commitment to nurturing a community of gospel ministers, urging attendees to aspire beyond mere consumption of the gospel to active participation in making the gospel known through ministry and service.

In their pursuit of expanding ministry outreach, BCM actively seeks partnerships with churches committed to reaching college students. Johnson reiterated the BCM's prayer for church partnerships, inviting churches to extend their reach to campuses across Central Kentucky. Additionally, Johnson encouraged participation in BCM's monthly evangelism event, "The Great Exchange," offering church leaders an opportunity to engage in meaningful gospel conversations with students. He also extended an open invitation to pastors and church leaders to spend time at the BCM engaging and forming relationships with the students. "Many students are looking for someone a generation or two ahead of them to pour into their lives," Johnson said.

As BCM continues to expand its presence across Central Kentucky campuses, church leaders are invited to explore avenues for collaboration and support. With BCM's active presence at institutions like UK, Transylvania, and Bluegrass Community & Technical College, alongside ongoing efforts to establish new outreaches, there are ample opportunities for churches to engage in collegiate ministry initiatives.

For those interested in learning more about BCM and exploring partnership opportunities, visit to discover ways to get involved and make a lasting impact on college campuses.

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