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Announcing the Return of the Revitalize Conference to Porter Memorial Baptist Church

We are thrilled to announce that the Kentucky Baptist Convention will host its second Revitalize Conference right here in CKNB's back yard at Porter Memorial Baptist Church in Lexington on September 24th. This impactful event is designed to challenge, inspire, and equip church leaders in their mission to foster church health and vitality.

At the Revitalize Conference, attendees will have the exceptional opportunity to gain invaluable insights from SBC Executive Committee President Jeff Iorg. Dr. Iorg will lead three transformative sessions focused on revitalizing evangelism, strengthening discipleship, and leading major change within the church.

Session Highlights

Session 1 – Revitalization in Evangelism

Explore the church at Antioch, a biblical model of an evangelistic church, as the cornerstone for church vitality. This session will delve into contemporary evangelism models and address obstacles to effective evangelism in revitalizing churches.

Session 2 – Revitalization through Discipleship

Continuing the focus on the church at Antioch, this session will highlight its disciple-making effectiveness. Dr. Iorg will discuss ways to implement transformational discipleship in a revitalizing church, emphasizing the importance of engaging with the Bible to grow disciples.

Session 3 – Leading Major Change

This session will present a diagnostic tool for leading major change in a church, exploring both the challenges and opportunities that arise. Dr. Iorg will outline a process for effectively leading major change, providing practical strategies for church leaders.

Additional Breakout Sessions

In addition to the main sessions with Dr. Iorg, attendees will benefit from powerful breakout sessions led by:

  • Seth Carter

  • Abram Crozier

  • Ray Woodie

These sessions are designed to provide further insights and practical tools to enhance the revitalization efforts in your church.

Join Us for a Day of Inspiration and Empowerment

Mark your calendars for September 24th and join us at Porter Memorial Baptist Church in Lexington for a day dedicated to church revitalization. Whether you're a pastor, church leader, or a committed member of your congregation, this conference will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to lead your church toward greater health and vitality.

To register, or learn more, visit

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