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How Can I Pray & Help During The Conflict in Israel?

-- International Mission Board and SEND Relief form partnership for Holy Land Crisis Response.

"Pray for the peace of Israel."

Many of us have heard, uttered and posted this Scriptural command of encouragement in the past couple weeks in response to the conflict and devastation taking place in the Holy Land, including the Gaza Strip. For most of us, the images we see from the front lines plunge us into a realization that we may not know nearly as much as we should about the intricacies and geopolitical nuances surrounding the conflict. One thing, however, is simply certain -- innocent people are suffering.

Since the October 7 missile strikes near Tel Aviv plunged Israel into tumultuous conflict, lives have been lost, countless people injured, and many more thrown into a state of fear and uncertainty. As followers of Christ, this one truth provokes our prayerful action. In many cases, it is also provoking humanitarian action...

This week, Chris Kennedy, Chief Advancement Officer of Ministry Advancement at the International Mission Board released an update regarding new efforts to reach the hurting during this crisis...

"Our teams are already assisting local partners in the Holy Land with gospel comfort, aid, and ministry amidst this trauma. But the situation is deteriorating and we need to do more.

Will you help us respond?

We need your help to meet the growing needs in the coming weeks. Your gift will enable us to minister to the wounded, frightened, and grieving – showing Christ's tangible love to those desperately searching for hope in the midst of war.

100% of your gift will go overseas to support the people in the Holy Land and its ministry workers directly. You're not just offering financial aid. You're providing a lifeline for people in their darkest hour and helping us share the message of the gospel.

Please give today. Your immediate response means we can act quickly to provide help and hope to the people in Israel and the Holy Land.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this urgent call. I deeply appreciate your compassion for the people affected by this tragedy.

If you or your church would like to tangibly contribute to spreading hope to Israelis and Palestinians alike during this crisis, consider partnering with IMB and SEND Relief.

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