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KBC's Revitalize Conference is Coming to Porter Memorial This October

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Join Mark Clifton, Claude King and Tony Merida for a one-day conference featuring practical teaching, breakout sessions, and valuable resources to develop vision, overcome spiritual barriers, and ignite an outward focus.

The church may have a timeless and unchanging Gospel message, but the nature of ministry engagement and mission effectiveness is always in flux. And, in today's fast-paced world and cultural swings, it is vital that the church find itself healthy and prepared to adapt to the changes for the sake of seeing lives changed by the unchanging gospel of Christ.

Current statistics tell us that the church is struggling to find its place or even keep its place in the changing landscape of society. Each year, too many churches are faced with the decision to close their doors due to lack of resources and people. Once bright gospel lighthouses are seeing their lamps flicker out. But, it doesn't have to be this way. While the statistics are alarming, there are other reports of congregations finding pathways toward revitalization and health, reigniting a passionate church in communities across our country. These are the stories of hope which we need to tell. These are the stories pastors and church leaders long to be part of.

This October, the Kentucky Baptist Convention will host its Revitalize Conference in Lexington on the campus of Porter Memorial Baptist Church. This 1-day conference is designed to challenge church leaders to take the needed steps toward greater health and growth in their congregations.


3 Dynamic Plenary Sessions

& Breakout Sessions

Don't miss this opportunity to experience renewal and inspire your congregation to new heights! Take the Next Step Toward Church Growth!


This Kentucky Baptist Convention event is made possible by your gifts through the Cooperative Program.

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