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Pastors & Church Leaders Cooking Out This Summer for Equip Lunches

As the weather begins to heat up and the kids have broken free from school, you know that summer has descended upon us. Along with the summer months usually comes a shake up in schedules and routines. Vacations, family reunions, baseball season (travel and otherwise) and all sorts of things get added to calendars and agendas from June to August.

In summers past, the CKNB elected to take a two month hiatus from the Equip Leadership Lunch schedule to allow for the change of pace in pastors and church leaders lives during the summer. This year, however, the leadership at the CKNB put their creative caps on to try a different approach: offer a summer cookout in June and July -- a laid back fellowship focused gathering where folks could gather, grab a hot burger from the grill and enjoy time together discussing VBS, church camps, SBC Convention, and family news.

Our first EQUIP Cookout was held this past Tuesday at Shilito Park's Shelter 2. We had around 15 turn out on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. After the time of food and fellowship, those in attendance took a few moments to do some park cleanup to be a positive testimony of love and community engagement.

The group ended up sharing the shelter with a Daycare Summer Program of about 20 kids who were more than happy to finish up the leftover desserts from lunch, providing an opportunity to show some kindness and Christ-like compassion to those in the park.

The next EQUIP Cookout is set for the first Tuesday of July at Woodland Park near downtown Lexington. The plans for that lunch are to offer hot dogs to those at the skate park and nearby tennis courts and playground as a good neighbor gesture, possibly opening the door to some gospel conversations.

Summer may present some scheduling challenges, but the EQUIP Cookout Season may just open some doors to community ministry and being salt and light to Lexington!

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