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Celebrating Community and Connection: Highlights from Our Annual Holiday Dinner

Updated: Dec 8, 2023


'Tis the season for joy, gratitude, and community, and the Central Kentucky Network of Baptist Churches (CKNB) Annual Holiday Dinner was the perfect combination of these festive sentiments. This past Monday evening, Lexington's Porter Memorial Baptist Church opened its doors to bring pastors, staff, and spouses together for a night of fellowship, delicious food, and even a little bit of friendly competition! The star of the evening? None other than Chad Lindon, whose BBQ skills left everyone raving.

We Have A Certified Pit Master In Our Midst:

A highlight of the night was undoubtedly the mouthwatering BBQ prepared by Chad Lindon of Safe Harbor Baptist in Georgetown. As the aroma of smoked goodness wafted through the air, attendees couldn't wait to savor the delectable feast. From succulent brisket and chicken to the pulled pork, Chad's skills with the smoker have made him a certifiable Pit Master. The generous portions ensured that no one left hungry, with many even taking home boxes of leftovers to enjoy later.

A Little Friendly Competition and Laughter:

A little friendly scheming broke out during gift card bingo, revealing the pastors' competitive sides. Laughter echoed through the room as each number call heightened the anticipation of who would be the lucky winner. The game not only added an element of excitement to the evening but also showcased the camaraderie and joy shared among the pastors, staff, and spouses.

Teamwork Made The Dream Work:

Porter set the stage for a memorable evening. The church's welcoming atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for the festive gathering, fostering a sense of community and togetherness. The CKNB community extends heartfelt thanks to Nick Sandefur and the PMBC team for opening their doors and creating an inviting space for the holiday celebration.

Behind the scenes, David Barron played a huge role in organizing this uplifting event. His dedication and attention to detail ensured that the CKNB Annual Holiday Dinner was not just about delicious food and friendly games but also a source of encouragement for pastors, staff, and their spouses. In a season that can be busy and demanding for those in ministry, this gathering provided a well-deserved break and a chance to connect with peers.

All in all, this year's Holiday Dinner was a resounding success, leaving everyone with hearts full of gratitude and bellies satisfied. From the great food to the friendly competition during gift card bingo, the entire evening was a celebration of unity, joy, and the bonds that bring the Central Kentucky Network of Baptist Churches together. Special thanks again to Porter, Chad, David and everyone involved for making this holiday gathering a cherished and memorable event for all. We're already looking forward to next year's event!

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