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Cadentown Baptist Church To Sponsor Annual Youth Fishing Derby Outreach in May

Are you ready to reel in some fun? We're thrilled to invite you to the annual Youth Fishing Derby at Jacobson Park in Lexington, KY, taking place on May 25th from 8am to 12pm. This exciting event promises a morning filled with laughter, camaraderie, and of course, plenty of fishing!

Boys and girls aged 6-17 are encouraged to grab their rods and join us for a memorable day by the water. And here's the best part: admission is entirely free! Thanks to the generous support of Cadentown Baptist Church and the Kentucky Male Ministry Fellowship, all attendees will receive a brand new fishing pole to kickstart their angling adventures.

Pastor Leon Slatter of Cadentown Baptist Church shares his enthusiasm for this cherished tradition, emphasizing its role as a true outreach initiative that bridges generations through the joy of fishing. It's a wonderful opportunity for youngsters to learn, connect, and create lasting memories.

Now, here's an important detail: to ensure the safety and supervision of all participants, each fishing derby contestant must be sponsored by an adult. So, parents, guardians, and mentors, get ready to join in on the fun alongside your young anglers!

To secure your spot at the Youth Fishing Derby, registration is required. Simply visit our online registration form to sign up and reserve your place in this exciting event.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or a newcomer to the sport, everyone is welcome to join us for a fantastic day of fishing and community bonding. Let's cast our lines together and make some unforgettable memories at Jacobson Park!

We can't wait to see you there!


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