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Immanuel Baptist Launches Partnership with Southeastern Seminary Offering Classes in Central KY.

One of the undeniable benchmarks of human history is the long-standing commitment of the body of the church to engage in and facilitate education. For centuries, the church was the primary hub of educational preparation and learning. Many of the world's leading universities and colleges began as seminaries and institutes of theological training. This can only make sense to believers, seeing that we enjoy a close personal relationship with the Father who created all, sustains all and is over all. As time marches on, the need for the church to be a place of spiritual enlightenment and understanding remains; along with a need for deep relevant theological training to provide well-rounded discipleship.

This February, Immanuel Baptist Church will launch in to a new partnership with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to begin offering adjunct-level courses right here in Central Kentucky. Thanks to this new partnership, it will be possible to earn in-person Seminary credit hours by attending classes on Immanuel's campus.

Currently, the plan is to begin by offering two courses (Hermeneutics & Christian Leadership), with the possibility of adding to that base as time goes on. Each course will last 15 weeks and will offer the full credit weight and load of the classes being taught on Southeastern's campus. These classes will also be available to audit by those not interested in accumulating course credit.

The first courses are slated to begin in February with the 15-week term ending in May.

Immanuel is excited about this new partnership and sees this as a way to help advance the Kingdom in Central Kentucky by more effectively equipping believers who live here, are committed to serving here and long to deepen their knowledge of Scripture while sharpening and growing their faith and leadership.

Are you interested in being part of the first semester of classes?

Class may not begin until February, but now is the time to apply for acceptance and/or scholarships through SEBTS.


  • October 1st - Scholarship Application Deadline

  • Jan 1st - SEBTS Application Deadline

  • Jan 15th - Class Audit Deadline

If you or someone you know are interested in this special opportunity, click the button below to fill out the interest form and take the next step in your theological journey!


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