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"Let's Do Lunch:" Ministry Leaders Gatherings To Take On A New Look & Time

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Coffee & Conversations to become Connect Ministry Leaders Lunch in September

For the past few years, the CKNB has hosted monthly "Coffee & Conversation" fellowship events to provide church ministry leaders the opportunity to network with one another and find support and encouragement in their areas of ministry. On one Thursday each month, Worship leaders would gather, then another Thursday, Student Ministers, and another Thursday, Children's Ministers. Each of these gatherings kept the Starbucks in the Hamburg Barnes & Noble hopping.

With a new fall season around the corner, another change is in the works as the Coffee & Conversation model will undergo a renovation of sorts and relaunch as a collective Ministry Leaders Lunch which will take place on the Second Thursday of each month. The new lunch program will be called "CONNECT." The vision is simple -- provide a venue for ministry support staff and leadership to connect with one another on a wider scale for the same support and encouragement they were getting at Coffee & Conversation.

Just as the CONNECT Pastors Breakfast on the third Thursday of the Month is designed to embrace the uniqueness of the Senior Leader's call, role and rhythms of life, the design of this new format is to allow for all Non-Senior/Lead Pastor leaders to engage with and glean from one another. The life of a support leader is also unique, and it is vital that those in that unique space be given the opportunity to break bread and support one another.

The first CONNECT Ministry Leaders Lunch will take place in September. Connection Ministry Specialist, Chris Mofield, is prayerful that this will be the beginning of a new level of engagement among support ministry leaders among our Network.

Make plans to attend this launch event and spread the word to your network of ministry leader friends. We'll see you at Sonny's on September 14.


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