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Redeeming Productivity's Reagan Rose To Speak At November EQUIP Leadership Lunch

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

-- Don't miss this equipping event designed to enhance your personal development as a leader.

-- by Derek Holmes


Of all the differences in personality and strength matrixes you will find among leaders, they are all faced with some unchanging common challenges. One of the largest challenges all Pastors and church leaders face is how to organize and manage their time. The 24 hour day is a common limitation all leaders share. And, when it comes to leading for the glory of God, all leaders share the call to steward and prioritize time wisely and efficiently for Kingdom impact.

We've all heard the one-liners about time management. "Manage your time or time will manage you," is my personal favorite. And, there is no shortage of books, tools, schemes and methods for wrangling our schedules, but should we consider what the Bible says about plotting our calendars?

For the past several years, Reagan Rose has been doing just that. Regan is a Bible teacher who talks about personal productivity from a biblical perspective. Regan says he found himself to be aimless, addicted to video games, and without purpose until learning that God has intentionally called Christians to steward their lives.

These days Regan's goal is simple: to live a meaningful life for the glory of God. His desire is to help other Christians learn to be more effective stewards of their lives too.

On November 7th, CKNB Pastors and leaders will have the opportunity to meet Reagan and hear from him the insights God has given on redeeming the time God has given us for His glory and our good. Our lunch will begin at 11:30am at Crossroads Baptist Church in Nicholasville. Make sure to RSVP you and your guests for this free equipping event.

Learn more about Reagan's ministry at

Learn more about the Leadership Lunch with Reagan or RSVP at the link below.


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