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KBC To Host Vision Tour to Salt Lake City; Encourages Kentucky Pastors to Consider Mission Partnership

Chances are, if you live in Central Kentucky, you have recently heard more about the state of Utah than usual. The arrival / homecoming of Mark Pope, former Wildcat and now new Head Coach of the University of Kentucky Men's Basketball, had eyes pointed west tracking planes from Salt Lake to Lexington as Big Blue Nation called Pope from BYU back to his Old Kentucky Home. If you are like most who live in Central Kentucky, you are hoping that the Pope family are happy to trade the beautiful mountain vistas of Utah for the rolling hills of the Kentucky Bluegrass.

For many years, the North American Mission Board has prayerfully been targeting US cities in greatest need for Gospel impact. The newest SEND city being adopted is Salt Lake City in Utah. On top of Utah being one of our nation's leading cities, Salt Lake resides at the center of our nation's highest concentration of the Mormon faith, making the need for Gospel truth so necessary.

Kentucky Baptist Convention, in partnership with NAMB, is conducting a Salt Lake City Vision Tour for Pastors, Directors of Missions and church leaders in Kentucky who are interested in learning of more ways to partner in reaching this SEND city. The Vision Tour will provide an opportunity to see the field in person, meet with church planters and hear their vision and need for reaching Utah with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Vision Tour is slated for November 6-8, 2024. Cost is $350.00 per person, which will include airfare to SLC, transportation around the city, meals and lodging.

If you are interested in taking part in this event, you can apply with the KBC Missions Office.

Head over to to learn more and to register.

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