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Report: CKNB Spring Gathering Celebrates Partnership; Looks To The Future

First Baptist Church of Paris, KY, April 15, 2024

The Central Kentucky Network of Baptists (CKNB) recently convened for its Spring Gathering at the welcoming venue of First Baptist Church of Paris, KY. Dr. Kyle Sullivan, pastor of the host church & President of CKNB, set the tone for the evening's proceedings with a poignant devotional, resonating with the essence of fellowship and community that defines the CKNB.

The meeting commenced with the acceptance of minutes and records without objection, indicative of the cohesion and efficiency within the network. Treasurer Bill Ellis delivered a Financial Report, revealing a commendable financial standing, affirming the stability and sustainability of the CKNB's endeavors.

A highlight of the evening was the insightful 'Network at Work' panel, which delved into the core functions of CKNB: Connection, Assistance, Support, and Equipping. Pam Polkey shed light on the multitude of ministries flourishing at the Irishtown Ministry Center, extending an invitation for pastors willing to contribute to the weekly services.

Brad Pearce unveiled an innovative communication initiative, a monthly video highlighting CKNB's work, aimed at amplifying awareness and partnership opportunities through social media platforms. Additionally, CJ Pearce shared updates on the "Together for the Bluegrass" podcast, a platform addressing pertinent ministry issues and showcasing the diverse work across the network.

A pivotal update came from the Barnabas Cohort, a program designed to assist pastors and churches in assessing their readiness for revitalization, emphasizing meaningful relationships and support within the network.

The meeting progressed with the report from the Special Assessment Task Force, chaired by Steve Bruce. The proposed leadership transition plan, advocating for a closer partnership between Executive Director David Stokes and Associate Executive Director David Barron, garnered unanimous support. This strategic transition aims to prepare Barron for assuming the lead role in 2027, under the mentorship of Stokes, ensuring continuity and effectiveness in CKNB's leadership.

Furthermore, insights from town hall meetings and online surveys emphasized the imperative of enhancing communication and awareness within member churches. Acknowledging pastors as vital conduits of connection, the CKNB affirmed its commitment to bolstering relationships with pastors to fortify partnerships with member churches.

The Affiliations Report, presented by Steve Broughton and David Stokes, rounded off the gathering, culminating in a collective prayer that underscored the spirit of unity and purpose permeating the CKNB.

In conclusion, the CKNB expresses gratitude to First Baptist Church of Paris for their gracious hospitality, epitomizing the ethos of partnership and community central to the network's mission. As the CKNB continues to thrive, this Spring Gathering exemplifies its unwavering dedication to fostering collaboration, support, and growth among Central Kentucky Baptists.

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